Jul 15, 2023

Bucks County History: Town’s First Trolley Crosses the Delaware River Over 100 Years Ago

Once considered a massive innovation in public transportation, one area of Bucks County saw an easy way of getting around used a century ago.

The Lambertville Historical Society recently discussed a trolley service that once allowed residents of the New Jersey town, and nearby Trenton, to easily travel over the water into and out of Buck County. The first day of its usage was June 14, 1905, and the first bit of travel saw people taken over into New Hope.

“The fare from Trenton–20 cents to New Hope and an additional 5 cents to Lambertville,” the historical society said online. “After World War I, the river road along the Delaware was completed (today’s route 29), allowing for more direct travel and resulting in bus service beginning to Trenton in 1921.”

In a picture shared on social media, several local resident so the time period can bee seen using the trolley. On board were Dr. Jack Petrie and Dr. Alfred G. Petrie, then an infant, both from New Hope.

“The man standing in the doorway at the front of the car is none other than Joseph Finkle of Lambertville.”

The use of the trolley in the area ended on Sept. 21, 1924.

Learn more at the Lambertville Historical Society.


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