Mar 02, 2024

LiteSentry Owl® 5 Furnace Optimization System

Date: 25 April 2023

The Owl® 5 is a patented, fully automated system that can discern glass types, coatings, thickness and location of parts. This information is used to automatically select the optimal recipe which is then transmitted to the furnace control system for implementation.

Correct recipe selection optimizes the performance of the tempering line, increases throughput and improves quality. This all happens automatically which allows redeploying valuable labor resources. Further, when an Owl® 5 is used in conjunction with an Osprey distortion scanner, the combined systems will provide the Missing Part Notifier to alert the unload team of a missing part. This enables the quick initiation of a needed remake and avoids costly downtime at downstream processes.

The Owl® 5 also comes with all of the features of our Load Validator™ geometry and fault detection system. The Load Validator™ detects issues such as overlapping pieces, broken corners, wide loads, etc. If any non-conforming conditions exist, the system will stop the conveyor to prevent breakage in the furnace and quench which can cause expensive delays (typically 5-20 hours) to clean the breakage and recover the line.

The Owl® 5 is like having your most experienced operator available 24/7.

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